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Being a non-profit event, Breakpoint couldn't exist without the generous help from our various sponsors. The past has shown that getting in contact with the scene does really pay off - being technically highly skilled, sceners often end up in high positions in the IT/Game/3D industry and therefore are a valuable target to many enterprises. We are still open to new partners - if you are interested in helping us out with money or prizes, feel free to contact us at .

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Intel - Gold sponsorIntel believes in innovation. They're driven by it. They live by it. And it's this principle that led them to create the world's first microprocessor back in 1971.

Today, Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet. They keep innovating because it's in their blood. Because it's part of their heritage. And because the technology they invent today will shape the world's future.

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49Games is a video game developer located in Hamburg, Germany. Co-founded in January 2004 by demoscene-members like chaos/farbrausch, fiver2/farbrausch and pet/einklang, the company has grown to currently about 30 employees. With a track-record of nine published titles, including Torino 2006, the official video game of the olympic winter games, on three platforms, 49Games is the leading console game developer in Germany. At the moment 49Games is working on titles for the full range of next generation platforms.

keen games

"keen games, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, has been successfully creating video games for more than 15 years, first under the name of Neon Studios, and then in 2005 when we formed a new company with a new name: keen games.

We are developing games for PlayStation3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS at the highest level. Currently we are working on games with global publishers such as KONAMI.

We are keen enough to have set our goal becoming one of Europe’s leading developers of high quality console game titles so keen games are not only looking for seasoned pros, but are also seeking fresh new talent.

If you would like to know more, get in contact with us, visit our homepage or just give us a call."

commodore gaming

Driven by a team of gaming veterans and enthusiasts across a broad range of disciplines Commodore Gaming is a passionate provider of products and services for the mobile, PC and Video game market. Created through a joint venture with Commodore International Corporation, Commodore Gaming was founded in 2005 and aims to re-establish the brand as a leader in its industry.


Viprinet develops and markets innovative broadband access solutions for the European and world-wide market. The revolutionary Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router bundles broadband connections to enable high-available virtual dedicated lines. Also acting as service provider, Viprinet GmbH offers business VPN connectivity together with these lines.

Breakpoint 2007 internet access is sponsored and operated by Viprinet.


med4you located in Saarbrücken, Germany is a successful add agency working on everything from high-end tv-commercials, animation & visualization to web-development and flash games.

We are searching talented Motion-Graphics Artists who are interested in doing national and international tv-commercials and animation work. Not only professionals but new talents are welcomed as well. Show us your best work and apply now at www.med4you.de

individual Computers

Individual Computers is highly recognized in the scene for excellent hardware products both for platforms as the PC, Amiga and C64. In business for well over 10 years, they still are comitted to their strong scene roots. "Good hardware for good computers."

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Digitale Kultur e.V.

The association "Digitale Kultur e.V." (Digital Culture) aims at supporting the demoscene with a special focus on activities in Germany. As in previous years, Digitale Kultur is supporting Breakpoint in several areas.

Chatjet - High performance chat server solutions

The untergrund.net server is sponsored by Chatjet, the fast and flexible Chat Server Software. If you are looking for a webchat server solution, go visit them.


Fusecon has produced anddistributed several demoscene-related CDs and DVDs. They will donatecopies of "MindCandy Volume 2: Amiga Demos" as prizes at Breakpoint 2007.


GO64!, the biggest Fanzine for Breadbox lovers since 1997, will be present at Breakpoint 2007 and support the C64 sceners with some nifty competition prices.

Please visit our sponsor:
individual Computers