· rules

We are not responsible for your equipment, including theft and damage that may come to it during the party. We aren't responsible for injuries to you either. Luckily during the last two Breakpoints, nothing got stolen, and hopefully it will stay that way. Still: When leaving your seat for a long time, it might be a good idea not to leave too valuable stuff at your place. Neither the organizers nor the security staff can keep an eye on everyone's luggage, so watch it for yourself, and consider not bringing expensive things with you if you don't need them on the party.

Drinking hard alcohol is explicitly forbidden inside the main party hall (but is ok in the beer tent & garden). Drunken people will not be allowed to enter the main hall. We can understand if people want to drink some beer, but keep the harder stuff out of the party hall, and also limit your drinking to a reasonable amount. If you get drunk and start annoying people, you'll get thrown out. If you damage something, you'll have to pay the repairs. If you vomit and aren't in the condition to clean it up yourself, you'll have to pay the organizer who did - and it won't be cheap.

Gamers will be thrown out if we need space for arriving sceners. So will leechers. Don't play games at the party. Don't spend your time leeching and watching porn either. If you do, don't expect people to be very friendly towards you, and don't expect the organizers to help you either.

Respect German Law. Illegal actions, especially hurting anyone or damaging anything (including intellectual property such as the network), will definitely have their consequences. Better don't try and find out which.

Keep your kitchen equipment, heaters and cheap extensions sockets at home. We do our best to keep a solid power supply, but this kind of devices often trigger the ground fault protection, possibly leaving several rows without power. That protection is there for your own safety, and also required by German law. We won't refund half-written CD-Rs after a power failure. You're not allowed to use extension sockets that don't conform with the VDE norms (meaning they are either defect or don't have earth contact).

Last but not least, have fun! If you have ideas for improvements concerning the party, feel free to mail us at - you're part of the party!

· beer garden rules

Unlike the first Breakpoint editions, we are not longer located at the end of the world, but surrounded by houses with people who wish to sleep during nights. As people loved Breakpoints outdoor features during the last years, these will return. However, you need to strictly follow a few rules to make this possible.

Failure to comply with any of the following rules will result in the beer garden/outside area/bonfire getting closed during nights without further warnings! So if you see someone violating these rules, don't wait for the organizers or the police to show up, act yourself!

No loud noise of any kind during nights in the outside area. When staying outside during the nights, please keep your volume to a reasonal limit. No loud music, no fireworks, no megaphones, no loud shouting.

Don't throw any kind of garbage into the bonfire. Doing so will cause clouds of dark smoke reaching the surrounding houses and get the bonfire removed in no-time.

Do not start additional fires on the meadow. This has been explicitely forbidden by city authorities.

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