Breakpoint 2010 - Like there is no tomorrow
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Welcome to Breakpoint 2010, world's biggest pure demoscene event. For the 8th time, up to 1000 creative participants from more than 30 nations are expected to gather one final time in the beautiful town of Bingen am Rhein, Germany, from the 2nd to the 5th of April 2010 (Easter weekend), enjoying 4 days of round-the-clock activities in arts, technology and international socializing.

In case you've never been to a demoparty before, we suggest you have a look at our New Visitors section now - else read on.

Imagine there would be no tomorrow. No tomorrow where you could meet 1000 sceners and all of your friends from all over the world, in a single place, on a single long weekend. Imagine there would be no tomorrow where you could sit next to a bonfire, having a beer, meeting lots of new people. Imagine there would be no tomorrow where you could push hard to finish your releases on the deadline, and feel the shivers once your productions are shown on the gigantic 70 square meters big screen in front of a cheering yet educated audience, who are capable to actually value the work you put into something.

The final chance to be part of the world's biggest absolutely 100% pure demoscene party

This might sound scary. Luckily you do not have to worry about it today: You are invited to visit Breakpoint 2010, the finest and final event in a series of yearly demoparties, running for 8 years. Do not miss this final chance to be part of the world's biggest absolutely 100% pure demoscene party. Join us for a massive good-bye party we all wish to remember.

Why this will be the final Breakpoint event

You might ask yourself "why the heck are these guys stopping doing Breakpoint?". The truth is: "We are very old". Most of the 50 organizers inside the Breakpoint team have been doing this year after year for 8 years now. Months of pre-organizing, and every year multiple days of setting up the location, keeping the party running for 4 days, and then cleaning up everything for another 3 days. We LOVE the scene, and we love demoparties, but many of us really would enjoy being part of a party as a visitor for a change again.

Also, as there is no doubt, the scene indeed is in some minor trouble these days: Back when we started, being interested in computers (coding, graphics, composing) next to always meant you had to get into touch with the demo scene. May it be due to coding tutorials, may it be due to trackers, or because the best pixel tools or even games where created by demosceners. Plus, being a nerd wasn't exactly a fashion trend neither, which helped form a close community with those sharing the same interests. Things are completely different these days - everyone who's young is using computers, there is the Internet, and tons of ways to find people sharing interest in coding, graphics or music outside of the demoscene.

These are reasons why there has been hardly coming any young fresh blood into the scene during the last years, which made the average scener become much older. This has been hitting us, too: The Breakpoint organizing team has been very happy to get a few new organizers in recent years, but we are nowhere near close that the required change in generation could actually take place inside our team. In other words: Right now there is no one we could pass the full duty over, without Breakpoint not being Breakpoint anymore. This is why the Breakpoint team together has decided that we will gather again one last time in 2010 to organize a good-bye Breakpoint. But that will be it.

We are highly interested in assisting any skilled team who would be willing to create a follow-up event for 2011, just as the guys from Mekka & Symposium back in the days had supported us once we announced that Breakpoint would be filling the gap the closing party had been leaving. Contact us at Breakpoint if you are interested.

Register now!

But for now, let's enjoy the party that has been leading various scene charts for years one last time. We are very much looking forward to see all sceners give their very best to work on their releases for Breakpoint - together, let's make this a kick-ass good-bye to remember! Go plan your trip to Breakpoint, and register for the party now! We still also are quite short on our budget - please help us find sponsors. If you are somewhat wealthy, or if the company you work for would be willing to buy you a ticket, please consider buying one of our Supporter tickets.

Official invitation demo

Invitation demo screenshot

You might also want to check out the invitation demo by farbrausch; you need a Windows PC with Pixel Shader 3.0 support and 2GB of Ram. And if your machine isn't supported, you can still watch the video.

Any questions left? Don't hesitate to ask - contact the organizing team by mailing to our hotline mail address , or join the irc channel #breakpoint on the IRCnet network.

The Breakpoint 2010 Organizing Team

2011-04-21 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
In case you didn't notice yet: It's easter weekend, Breakpoint is no more, but there is a kick-ass party that you should not miss:

REVISION 2011 - The Easterparty. April 22nd to 25th of 2011 in Saarbruecken, Germany
2010-04-10 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
Properly encoded versions of the compo videos from all entries we recorded ourselves are now available:
If a download doesn't work immediately, try again in an hour or so, it might take a while for the mirrors to catch up.
2010-04-05 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
While are still busy cleaning up the hall, the releases now are available.

A real after-party section will be added within the next few days.

Release downloads
2010-04-04 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
Still wish to visit Breakpoint? The Compo lurker ticket(40 Euro) is valid from now on.
2010-04-04 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
An extremely important event is coming up today at 13:45 inside the main hall. Do not miss it.
2010-04-03 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
Hey stream watchers,

the Timetable for today has just been updated. The 4k compos have been moved back by half an hour to 0:00, preceded by a cool DJ set by Ronny Pries aka Ronny/Farbrausch!
2010-04-03 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
Still in need for a hotel room? There are some rooms left where reservations previously were cancelled.

Right now available:
2 Single rooms,
1 Double room

At Hotel Trollmühle. Call the hotel directly if you wish to take one of these rooms.

Hotel info
2010-04-03 posted by Breakpoint Organizing
It looks like Breakpoint 2010 will be a worthy final event. We are very happy to have the highest visitor count of all Breakpoint partys - it's great to see that the biggest chunk of the international demoscene is here to celebrate with us. Due to the overcrowding, we are currently adding another party tent outside. If you still wish to come and party with us, you really should start your trip now.

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