· concerts at breakpoint 2007

After a long day of partying and working on productions, sceners are in need for a bit of musical entertainment - well, just as last year Breakpoint is proud to bring you the very best selection of music bands with demo scene background. Let's rock!

· bass
Friday 22:00

This time with a slightly modified lineup: Gargaj on guitars, Sir Garbagetruck and Zania doing vocals, Bombe on bass, Elmah playing keyboards and Jayne doing drums. But don't worry, we're sure they'll still rock the house and turn the audience into a regular moshpit for an hour :) - be sure not to miss this highlight, shortly after the opening ceremony!

· press play on tape
Saturday 22:00
Press Play On Tape

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE is a Commodore 64 revival band, (almost) exclusively playing tunes from the 80's home computer Commodore 64 as rock on real instruments. Regularly performing in Denmark and Norway, we are very happy to have them in Germany this easter to perform in front of a pure demoscene audience!

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