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If you've been to Breakpoint in 2006 and just want to check which compo rules changed, this page is for you.

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· reasons for increased size limits

This year, we've notably increased the size limits for the PC and Amiga demo competitions. We did so with a reason; here are the main points:

· reasons for cancelling the tracked music compo

As mentioned above, we no longer have a seperate tracked music competition anymore. Again, we do this with a reason: The overall quality of this compo was declining; people increasingly saw it as the easy little brother of the streaming music compo, promising a less fierce competition for those who still used trackers or could be arsed to do so. In the meantime, trackers matured into software packages that offer everyone the means to make studio-quality music with them - Renoise, Sk@le, Modplug Tracker and a host of others can still output plain tracker files - but they can do so much more. Other trackers do not produce the file types allowed in the tracked music compo (psycle, buzz and others). We think trackers should face the music. Many of the entries in the streaming compo are already made with trackers. We decided to stop giving a couple of sequencers an extra break (an extra compo!). Trackers do not need this protection. We're confident that tracked music has more than just a fighting chance in the streaming music compo.

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